Pure love

Dear brothers and sisters,

I love the film Pure Love (Korean: 순정; RR: Sunjeong), a 2016 South Korean romance drama film. The film talks about a pure love. I love pure love, so I love the film.

In 1991, on an island, five friends spend the summer together. Two girls and three boys. All they are 17 years old. A girl can’t walk as a normal person, so her friends often piggyback her. A boy falls in love with the girl. He piggyback her more times than other friends.

He is a shy boy. He loves her quietly. He stands under her window during the summer nights. He listens to her dream. She dreams to become a radio DJ, so she practices writing and reading as a radio DJ at home. She never knows that the boy loves her and listens to her practice every night. (Also, he doesn’t  know she too loves him and writes love letters for him.) (The boy also becomes a radio DJ later.)

Until one day the girl being so sorrow because of her leg, the boy shows his love. More exactly, they show their feeling together. And they kiss. The kiss is under the rain. The umbrella kiss. The pure kiss.

The film makes me smile and moved. I love the film but perhaps I won’t dare watching it again. So I tell you about the film and about pure love.

I love pure love. Pure love is our traditional love, the Eastern classical love, the slow love and the romantic love.

I have pure loves in the past. I have the boy I love and the boy love me as the boy in the film. Although we don’t belong together (the couple in the film don’t belong together, too), these pure loves belong to my soul.

The film has deep sadness, you should consider it before watching.

While thinking, you can watch its trailer. The film has the only one official clip below.

순정 Unforget Trailer 김소현,도경수【HD】

Unbrella Kiss (the high point of the film)

Have a love day.

Phạm Thu Hương


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