The shortcut?

Dear brothers and sisters,

I have heard many times the Vietnamese expression of the modern day: “Đi tắt đón đầu” – Taking the shortcut to gain a head start. It sounds similar to a very common guerrilla warfare tactic: taking the shortcut to lie in wait upfront. My problem is that in business, more often than not, this expression appears to work in a contorted way into the unethical get-rich-quick minds of the crime-oriented individuals.

People who like the “shortcut” easily fall prey to unethical and criminal activities, just to get some bucks quickly. They disdain patience and hard work.

I knew many of such characters and, after a while, I saw them no more. They had either landed in jail or disappeared into oblivion. So much for gaining a head start.

Let me tell you loud and clear: Nothing can replace patience and hard work.

You work toward your goals constantly, whatever your goals may be, every day, nonstop, diligently and carefully. And one day when you don’t even pay any attention, people will wake up and marvel at the huge castle you have been building.

Success is like building a castle: you simple put in place one little brick at a time, until the giant castle is done. Don’t be so occupied with when you will have a castle. Keep yourself so busy working all the time that you have no space left to wonder when you will finish something of real consequences. The only thing of real consequences is work, work, and work.

But sure enough, one day people will see your castle and stare at you with admiration: “How did you make such a miracle?” And you will say, “My miracle is just walking a million tiny steps nonstop, one step at a time.”

Patience and hard work – this is your sure ticket to success, however you define success.

And don’t mind about shortcut – shortcut is too short to get anywhere.

Wish you always succeed.


A. Hoành

© copyright 2019
Trần Đình Hoành
Permitted for non-commercial use

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