Mind precedes all

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Dhammapada starts with: “Mind precedes all. Mind is the chief.” We can talk about this forever. So many philosophical schools of the world have talked about the mind as the chief.

We can start out very easily by saying: If you do something, it is because your mind has decided beforehand that you would do that thing. And when you “lose your mind”, you do stupid things that you would regret later.

Some philosophers go to the ultimate: If I know that there is a world around me, it is because I have a mind that recognizes the existence of that world. If I don’t have a mind, say, a tree has no mind, then I (the tree) may not know that there is a world around. Or, speaking in a slightly different way: The world exists because I exist; if I don’t exist, then the world doesn’t exist.

Closer to home, in practicality we say: The mind is like the contact lenses in our eyes. If the lenses are pink, we see the world pink; if the lenses are purple, we see the world purple; if they are red, we see the world red. Our view of the world and of life and, therefore, our actions in life depend on the way our mind sees the world – happy or sad, positive or negative, cold or passionate…

So, to summarize these schools of thinking:

– The mind creates the existence of the world.

– The mind creates the forms and colors of the world.

– The mind creates its actions depending on its view of the world.

So, the mind is the chief. No, even more than a chief, the mind is mother – mother of all our creation, our thinking, our world, and our actions.

A pure mind creates a pure world and pure actions. A sick mind creates a sick world and sick actions.

And what is a pure mind? A pure mind, also called “a pure heart”, is one that is absolutely calm and compassionate. “Calm” is to see everything as it is, without any distortion by greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance, and the like. “Compassionate” is to see deeply the hearts of all living beings, not just their outside appearances.

A pure mind is the Buddha mind. Or, “Blessed are those who are pure in heart, for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8).

Thus, brothers and sisters, create your world and your life with your pure mind/heart.

Wish that your mind/heart be pure.



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Một suy nghĩ 2 thoughts on “Mind precedes all”

  1. My dear brother, as i notice you have been repeatedly reminding us about Mind being the Lord, i kept that saying close to me. Since i have yet to realize the pure state of mind to be dependent from outside forces, i apply the positive thinking mindset to undesirable situations. Thank you for your reminding of the essential truth.
    ” Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible”
    God bless you, brother.

    Số lượt thích

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