What is the true merit?

Dear sisters and brothers,

What is the true merit?

The true merit is to reach one Buddha heart.

Things such as doing charity, volunteering, social activities, knowledge sharing, spirituality sharing,… are things without merit.

To know a thing has merit or not, let’s listen to the talk between Bodhidharma and Emperor Wu of Liang.

Bodhidharma was the 28th Indian patriarch, and the first Chinese patriarch, of Zen Buddhism. Emperor Wu of Liang was the emperor of China and the person promoted Buddhism.

Bodhidharma was from India to China and met Emperor Wu of Liang. Emperor Wu asked the Indian monk:

– “Since I came to the throne, I have built many pagodas, published numerous scriptures and supported countless monks and nuns. Have I any merit?”

Bodhidharma replied:

– “No merit.”

– “Why?”

– “Because the deeds you have done are tainted causes, which produce only small effects in the realms of humans and celestials, like reflection depending on image, appearing but not real.

– “What is the true merit?”

Bodhidharma said:

– “The mind must be completely purified, the nature must be empty and calm. That is merit and this merit cannot be gained by doing the worldly works (such as building pagodas, publishing scriptures, supporting monks and nuns).

This is true merit – The mind must be completely purified. The nature must be empty and calm. 

So the merit is the heart that be pure, empty and calm. The true merit.

It’s important for those who intend to help life and help people.

The world has much hatred, hurt, despair, sorrow and illness. If you want to help life and help people, if you want to bring love, light, hope, joy and healing to life and to people, you should know what is important and what is less important.

The important thing is to reach the pure, empty and calm heart. All the rest is secondary.

The important thing is to reach the Buddha heart.

Reaching the Buddha heart is the true merit.

Have a merit day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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