How to reach calmness?

Dear sisters and brothers,

Many people know that calmness is good for them. They want to reach calmness but they do not know how to do. So, how to reach calmness?

Here is a good answer:

“Ask no more.
Only listen to the voice of pines and cedars when no wind stirs.”

This is a half of Ryonen’s poem. Ryonen, the Japanese Buddhist nun, was born in 1797 (read more in Ryonen’s Clear Realization).

So what do these Ryonen verses mean to us?

Listen to calmness.

Listening to calmness is the way to reach calmness.

If you feel hard to understand, let’s see the example below.

How to reach love?

Listen to love.

How can I listen to love?

So funny, right? How can you listen to your lover?

Your lover is gentle. He/she has a tender voice. Therefore if you want to know what your lover whispers to you, you have the only way: focusing on your lover. And to focus on your lover better, you will have to turn off all the noises around you and in your mind. If you love your lover, you will do that, right?

Dear sisters and brothers, if you love your calmness, you should do that, too.

Have you ever loved your calmness?

Your calmness loves you.

Therefore, it is easy to reach your calmness.

Wish you reaching calmness.

Phạm Thu Hương


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