Retailers see great opportunities with street food sales

Last update 14:00 | 19/11/2017  vietnamnet

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnamese street food market, with estimated value of VND47 trillion, is now attracting big food supply chains and retailers.

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The Satrafoods shop run by the Sai Gon Trade Corporation (Satra) in district 10, HCMC, is busiest when school hours finish as it receives students from Tran Nhan Tong School nearby. The students buy sausage, milk tea and ten-ingredient fried rice.

“The price here is affordable from VND5,000 to VND30,000 per portion. We often buy food here because the shop is near our school, and we can reheat the food in the microwave,” a student named Trang told reporters.

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