How to prevent teen suicide?

Dear brothers and sisters,

There are many reasons for teen suicide, such as parental pressure about learning or living; peer pressure about learning, loving, looking good, sexual problems (making love, pregnant, sexual harassment)…

Teen depression is on the rise, and teen suicide is on the rise, too. So how to prevent teen suicide?

Give teens a chance to feel meaningful.

Yes, each teen needs to feel his/ her life is meaningful, not only happy. Feeling meaningful is important more than feeling happy, because there are so many teens who learn and do what they like, or live with their dream (such as singers) – apparently they look happy – but then they commit suicide.

Teens need to feel that their life is meaningful. If a teen doesn’t see any meaning for his/her living, it is very easy for him/her to feel lost, lonely, and empty whenever encountering something unhappy, such as an argument with a parent.

So, how to give teens a chance to feel meaningful?

Teens should learn to give happiness to others by partipating in social charitable activities, such as going to orphanage to play with children there, singing for them, telling them stories, holding their hands, gently caressing their hair, listening to their stories…

Children in orphanages are constantly in shortage of love. So when someone comes and plays with them, they would be very happy. If some teens come to visit an orphanage, the orphans would be happier because the teens are closer to their age than adults. And when the teens leave, the orphans would be sad and not want to part.

When the teens see the orphans’ teary eyes and skinny hands pull them back at goodbye time, the teens would feel deeply that their life is meaningful. The feeling would follow each teen for many years, especially during tough times when the teen might want to die. The feeling that his/her life is meaningful would comfort the teen and bring the teen’s spirit up from the pit.

Many children need us, such as orphans, children of our ethnic minorities, children who don’t have enough to eat, wear, learn and love… Sick people need us to visit and comfort. Poor people need us to visit with gifts. Taking care of people in need makes our life happy and meaningful.

Take care of people. That is the panasea for teens.

Have a meaningful day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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