The mouse-trap battle

For some reason, we recently have lots of rats inside our house. My dear lady (my housemate) says that it’s because of me, and that somehow I have a kind of attraction to all kinds of animals even rat, cockroach, spider of course not mentioning bird, dog, cat… My lady said ” I’ve lived here for years and never seen such things. Only after you came, we then have all kinds of insects and animals in the house”.

Well, I do think I have and I’m proud of that “charm”. But when it comes to rat, I’d rather give back that gift to God!

The truth is, how big an animal lover I am, or how much Jerry the mouse I love, I can’t sleep with mice dancing under my feet and over my head, literally. My mattress is on the floor, I don’t have a bed. Well, I actually do have a bed but I choose to stick with the floor.

Then it comes to the point that we feel like we have a rat-hole inside the house. Two little rats woke me up at the middle of the night by running over my head.

“We need to do something.” My lady agreed with me.

Another truth is, my dear lady is as big an animal lover as a terrified fearer of rat. She then gave me all the right and power to do whatever with the rat. I told my lady. “Hey honey, how brutally sweet you are to give me all the honor to do this killing job”. My lady only keeps smiling beautifully knowing that I’ll do it for her anyway.

What has to come has to come.

I bought 2 pieces of sticky mouse trap. Though I already knew that it is going to be nasty with that kind of trap.

The very first attempt. Two finger-sized rat stuck in the first trap and another tiny one got trapped in the second one.

We thought that 3 little rats were enough, and maybe the little rats got into the house because their mother rat had died. But no, there were two more adult rats hanging around the house.

It’s quite painful to remove the rat from the sticky trap. I did the first 2 rat, then for the third one my lady had to ask our neighbor to remove it when I was not home.

So I was thinking of another way to shoo away the rats like I heard people using rat-poison to make the rat die dry without doing anything. But my lady didn’t approve that kind of mercy killing.

Came to the same shop. I asked the seller if they have another kind of mouse trap beside the sticky trap. Then the seller gave me the cage-shaped trap

I didn’t think twice. Ok, I’ll take this.

Bring that trap home, my lady said, “So, when we got them inside the cage, we’ll release them out side of the house, so we don’t have to kill them”. I know by “we” she meant I would be the one to do that job, not her. Anyway, I thought it was a good idea to bring the rats outside the house

Since we got the new cage trap, everyday I reminded myself and my lady to save a piece of food (often meat) for the rats.

1st day – a piece of tofu lost without a trace
2nd day – a slide of fish gone without the trap door closed
3rd day chicken bone
Then duck, then…

It was like a week. My lady teased me that the rat must be laughing at us that “don’t you think we are that stupid?”

I ask myself: “Are we too much pampering the rat? They don’t know we are just trying to help but not harm them.”

Still, I kept patient…Then come the sweet potato.

I accidentally discovered that the rats love sweet potato because we had few pieces of them in the kitchen and I saw sweet potato crumbles everywhere in the kitchen.

I then immediately and carefully put that whole piece of sweet potato inside the trap, making sure that even with only a strand of hair touching, the rat would ultimately get caught.


We got them finally. One by one in 2 consecutive days with that same sweet potato.

I set free the first rat with nervousness. The thing is, the rat kept jumping up and down and that gave me goosebumps.

I asked my lady: “Do you think our neighbors would be angry with us because we spare the lives of the rats instead of killing them?”

“No, our neighbors are very nice, no worries.”

Alrighty…., be free little rat. I did my job

Then came the second rat, trapped in the cage. This time, I was trying to convince my lady to set free an innocent soul herself, because I did the first one, and this was the 5th rat we got.

Gently I asked my lady: “You are still not going to do it, are you, your brutal sweetie?”

Here came her mystic smile again. I knew it….(sighed). I had to do the tough job, again.

But wait, I realize that while the mice are kept inside the cage for a whole day with a piece of sweet potato, they panic for sure, I can see that, but still they manage to chew almost half of that sweet potato until they are set free. I admire that living attitude.

Moral lesson: Live like the Monsieur Mouse (ông Tí). Enjoy every bite of life even when you get trapped.

Carpe diem!

Thu Hằng

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