Praying to God

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praying to God is to share all things in our life with God.

“All things” means all things. Sharing all things with God means to share all things with God. God is Ông Trời, Buddha, Bodhisattva, Jesus, Thiên Chúa…

For example:

When you practice martial arts, when you meet a hard lesson, you can talk to Jesus: “Jesus, please help me to focus on my rival’s arm. He’s holding a knife. He’s attacking me. I have to grab his arm with the knife and throw him away. Please give me your bravery. Please be one with me and fight with me.”

Praying to Jesus, we’ll see how good we learn martial arts.

Or, when you and your friend have a problem, you don’t know how to solve, you can talk to Buddha: “Buddha, I’m gazing at your face. You are lying on your side and lying beside me, on my right. Your face is near to me. Your eyes are closing. Your mouth is smiling. You’re calm. I gaze at you, and I am at peace.

Buddha, please help us to be peaceful. Help us to be one with you. Help me to be one with you, and help my friend to be one with you. Help us to be with peace and calmness.”

Praying to Buddha, we’ll see how good our friendship is.

Pray to God, we’ll see our life easier and calmer.

Share all things in our life with God.

Have a calm day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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