Power of calmness

Dear brothers and sisters,

Have you seen the power of calmness? Have you seen how calmness changes a person, and changing in a sátna? For example:

We go to a market in the afternoon. We come to a vegetable shop. When we ask a sales woman for details about the vegetables, she’s not happy, perhaps because of us or something else. However when we’re not annoyed, we’re calm, we continue talking with her tenderly, the seller suddenly changes her attitude, she talks to us tenderly. Moreover, she recommends that we should buy less a kind of vegetable, because we’ll not need much;  she doesn’t  want us to waste money. Magical! How powerful calmness is! Calmness changes a person in a sátna.

Every time I see the power of calmness, I believe in calmness more. Calmness is wonderful. Calmness shows me a whole new world. – a  world bright and full of love.  Amazing grace!

Stay calm and enjoy amazing things from calmness.

Have a calm day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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