Focusing on God

Dear brothers and sisters,

Our weak self often makes us sad. The self such as: I have a temper, or I’m impatient, or I often think badly of others, or I have negative thinking…

We want to be perfect. We don’t want to see our weak self. However when we keep thinking about our self, we will forget about God.

Because the only job we should do is to focus on God, when we forget God, we are unhappy.

So what should we do?

Pray to God. Pray to Jesus and Buddha.

I pray to Jesus and Buddha, asking Jesus and Buddha help me. For example: “Jesus, please keep me as a channel of your peace. Please keep me calm so that you may use me as an instrument of your peace works on earth.”

Focusing on God, although we don’t think about our self, our self becomes better.


Because by focusing on God, we are calmer. When we are calm, our self is perfect as it is.

So focus on God, always.

Have a calm day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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