Quietness before peer pressure

Dear brothers and sisters,

What is peer pressure?

– How old are you?

Were you born in Tiger year? What a frightful woman…
or Are you married? Not yet? Why?…
or Do you have a lover? Not yet? Why?…
or Are you older than your boyfriend?…

(If you’re married, questions for you can be:

Do you have children? Not yet? Why?…
or Do you have children? Boy or girl? Two girls and no boy? Uhm…)

– Where are you from? Northern? Northern 1954 or 1975? Uhm…

– What is your job? How much is your salary?…

– You’re so young. You don’t understand life, do you? You must be old, then you understand life…

– You’re so skinny. You must eat more….

Above are some peer pressures.

Are you always quiet before all such peer pressures? How many time are you not quiet? Meaning you’re annoyed/ tired/ stressful/ feeling you’re a not good person… and you don’t want to love people anymore?

Peer pressure always comes to you with many different forms and shapes. You always live with peer pressure from here to the end of life. So learn to live quietly with peer pressure.

How to be quiet before peer pressure?

Focus on Jesus/ Buddha.

Focusing on Jesus/ Buddha, peer pressure will not bother you. If you see peer pressure keeping bothering you, you haven’t focused on Jesus/ Buddha yet.

Focusing on Jesus/ Buddha, you’ll not see peer pressure anymore. Although you still live with peer pressure, in your eyes, peer pressure is no longer peer pressure. You are quiet before peer pressure.

So how to focus on Jesus/ Buddha?

Many ways. Dotchuoinon.com told you many ways. Practice any way or many way.

Practice focusing on Jesus/ Buddha. Practice to be quiet.

Be quiet.

Have a quiet day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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