You, Your English, and the Country

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

If you ask me what is the most important thing for our Viet Nam’s development? I will say immediately, “The most important thing is our ethics, and the second most important thing is our English.” I talk everyday about ethics. Let me talk about English today.

I can see with my own eyes everyday how much we need English. Many students and professionals of our nation have very limited knowledge about too many things, and I know the cause is that their English is poor.

The biggest library of the world is the English Internet. Of course, many other languages are there, but the biggest flow of information on the Internet is English. The business and political world operates in English. You can use English almost anywhere on the planet. Not so many other languages can boast the same.

If you are not very fluent in English, you will always be behind your friends of the same age and the same level of intelligence.

I can see that the level of research of Vietnamese students and professionals are low. Many of you have asked me questions that take me from 2 two 5 minutes each to Google out an answer. Many show a very limited understanding of the current pressing issues of the nation and the world, such as climate change and its potential damages to the Mekong Delta, coal and fossil powers, renewable energies, imbalances in development among various regions and among various Viet populations, the East Sea, the occasionally tense but essential relationship with China, the knowledge about other countries in our own region (ASEAN countries, China, Japan, South and North Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand), and the military, racial, and religious conflicts around the world.

This is the information and knowledge age. And the ability to access information and knowledge depends greatly on our English fluency. If you are not well versed in English, your career path is rather limited. More importantly, if many of us are not well versed in English, the national path to development is very limited.

We are in a global economic and political competition with all other countries. We may come out on top or at the bottom, depending on how knowledgeable is our entire population. Each of us needs to be smart. And it is hard to be smart in this day and age if we are not well versed in English.

So, brothers and sisters, work on your English. Find a reason to use English every day. The best way to be good at something is doing it every day.

– Read news in English. We have English-language news on ĐCN and CVD.

– Write your comments in English (on any article on ĐCN and CVD).

– Write articles in English to be published on ĐCN and CVD.

– Open your own English club to practice.

The only way to be good at something is doing it every day.

You need to take care of your knowledge and your career path, and the development of our motherland.

Wish you all be sharp and smart.


A. Hoành

© copyright 2019
Trần Đình Hoành
Permitted for non-commercial use

Một suy nghĩ 6 thoughts on “You, Your English, and the Country”

  1. Dear Brother Hoanh,

    Thank you for your motivation and encouragement.

    Honestly, I wasn’t good at writing in English. Due to I was scared I would make many grammatical errors. Since I have tried to practice dictation exercises and translate some songs in the DCN from English into Vietnamese and vice versa. And then, I have compared with your translations. So now, my English skills are better.

    I’m grateful that I am able to learn many things in the DCN.
    Thanks Sisters and Brothers, because you always help us improve our English skills by posting interesting topics here.
    Thanks again, thanks for being here, Brothers and Sisters.

    Wishing you all a happy Monday and a lovely week. 🙂

    – Em. An An

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  2. Anh Hoành,

    You made really good points and I appreciate the fact that you took your time to make this post. Do you think that Vietnam’d be better off if we make English our second language in general curriculum?

    Here’s my two cents, I feel like knowing English is not enough. Even native English speakers are not well-versed in current affairs and they might even not be interested in social problems that affect them the most. I feel like the world we are living in is just a mild version of Brave New World: we have access to the knowledge we need but we are bombarded with mundane and irrelevant information. I guess that explains why ethics is the most important characteristic of Vietnam’s development.

    I’m a first comer to this website but I really the way people engage in civil discourses here. I hope this thing takes off and more thoughtful, engaging civil discussions happen here.

    Warm regards,
    Em Bảo.

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