Prayer for Đọt Chuối Non’s 13th birthday

Happy 13th birthday, 7-2-2009 – 7-2-2022

Dear Jesus and Buddha,

Thank you for sending anh Hoành to us.
Anh Hoành has been teaching us about you.
He has been showing us how to live and work with you:
how you are the general and he is the soldier,
and at the same time, how you and he are best friends.
May the works you and he do for our country and the world be fulfilled.
May you be with him always.

Thank you for sending brothers and sisters to Đọt Chuối Non.
Thank you for making us a family.

open our eyes that can see the hearts of all your forms,
open our ears that can listen the cries of all your forms,
open our heart that can receive the hurts and pains of all your forms.

Keep us loyal to each other,
loyal to anh Hoành,
and loyal to you.

Grow our faith about anh Hoành
and about you.

We want to be a channel of your peace.

We love you, Jesus and Buddha.


Phạm Thu Hương

Một suy nghĩ 4 thoughts on “Prayer for Đọt Chuối Non’s 13th birthday”

  1. Happy birthday, Đọt Chuối Non! 💚

    Thanks so much, Anh Hoành for letting us understand more about Jesus and the Buddha. Thanks for helping us learn about love and how to love.

    Thanks, Chị Hương for the prayers from your pure heart. Thanks, Chị Hằng for your inspiring words. And thanks all Brothers, Sisters for your hard work. Thanks, everyone for passing by ĐCN, asking questions, and making ĐCN become a healing and peaceful garden for us all.

    Đọt Chuối Non is truly a spiritual home for all of us.

    May love and peace always be with you all in Đọt Chuối Non.

    All the best. 

    Em. An An

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  2. Thank you very much for your nice words which have been nourishing me for more than 10 years. In the dark days I turned my mind to search “Tư duy tích cực” and I found dotchuoinon. This family helped me opened my heart. I love you, brothers and sisters! God bless you.

    Đã thích bởi 2 người

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