Right effort

Dear brothers and sisters,

Right effort is one fold in Noble Eightfold Path.

Noble Eightfold Path is the way to reduce suffering, including: 1. Right view, 2. Right intention, 3. Right speech, 4. Right action, 5. Right livelihood, 6. Right effort, 7. Right mindfulness, and 8. Right concentration.

Right effort is diligently and relentlessly moving forward.

Example: Right effort in practicing every-minute Zen means to practice every-minute Zen when you work, study, talk, listen, eat, walk, brush your teeth, wash dishes, cook rice, cut fruits, practice martial arts, watch movies, wash clothes, clean the house… Practicing daily and yearly. Concentrate the mind always.

In a more general meaning, the Saṃyutta-Nikāya, Chapter 45.8.VIII said about Right effort:

1. If a bad thought has not come to the mind, then don’t let it come to the mind.

2. If a bad thought has already come to the mind, then erase it from the mind.

3. Help the good thoughts come to the mind.

Right  effort keeps the mind working to be more concentrated in every activity, especially in keeping bad thought out of the mind and good thought into the mind.

Right effort is the way to reduce suffering.

Right effort is also one element of the Six Paramitas —including giving, keeping discipline, patience, effort, meditation, and wisdom. Paramita means enlightenment. The Six Paramitas group is the Bodhisattva path. Bodhisattva need to practice Six Paramitas to get enlightenment.

So, practice Right effort.

Have a nice day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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