Eating alone is happiness

Dear brothers and sisters,

Why is eating alone happiness?

Because then we may eat mindfully, and mindfulness in anything always makes us happy.

Today most of us eat but don’t know that we’re eating, because we eat and work at the same time, or eat and read book or listen to English/ music/ news, or eat and talk with friends and colleagues, or eat and think about everything that is not about eating…

We rarely have time for eating and knowing we’re eating. We rarely have time for mindfulness. Without mindfulness, we often don’t have calmness; therefore, we may easily be stressed by everyday’s problems. And stress may make us sick in our body, in our spirit and in our relationships. So we need to eat mindfully.

It’s hard to eat mindfully with people sitting around the dinner table. So we should practice mindfulness when eating alone.

Although eating alone in mindfulness looks like spending time for only ourselves, we are actually spending time for the whole world. Eating mindfully makes us happy, and only when we’re happy, we can help the world around us become happy.

Let eating bring happiness to us and the whole world.

Eat mindfully.

Have a happy day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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