Phone and friends

Dear brothers and sisters,

When we talk face-to-face with a friend, do we occasionally use our phone to do something else – checking weather, checking emails, checking messages…? How many times do we use the phone in such a manner in face-to-face conversation?

This is the important question because the question means: “Do we talk mindfully in a conversation? Do we listen to our friend mindfully? Do we live here and now?”

Today most of people use their phone so many times in face-to-face conversation, talking mindfully is a rare and precious thing. If we talk and listen mindfully, relationships between us and our friends will be much deeper. And of course, we ourselves are deeper.

Besides, using your phone while in a conversation simply is impolite.

Live mindfully. Live a full life.

Have a meaningful day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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