Knowing God

Dear brothers and sisters,

Many people can speak fluently about Bible and Jesus, example: I can tell stories and analyze words in Bible; I get emotional in reading Jesus’ words; after knowing Jesus, I want to be a servant leader as Jesus did… With those knowledge and emotion, they think they know Jesus.

Many people can also speak fluently about Buddhist texts, Buddhist philosophy, Gautama Buddha…, and they think they know Buddha.


That’s merely common knowledge. Anyone can study, understand and speak fluently about Bible, Buddhist philosophy, Jesus and Buddha. Very easily. However, that doesn’t mean we know Jesus and Buddha.

So how is to know Jesus and Buddha?

Being still.

When we are still, we know God. When we aren’t still, we don’t know God although we can speak fluently about God.

So how do we know if we are still or not?

Being honest with ourselves.

Are we jealous when our friends are more successful than us?

Are we worried about our study, or work, or our love, or family?

When facing injustices in society, are we fearful, or sad, or angry…?

When we know we are annoyed, worried, jealous…, and we are honest with ourselves, we’ll know we aren’t still.

When we are honest and want to be still, we’ll know the way to stillness, and thus we’ll know God.

So being honest with ourselves is the first step to stillness and knowing God. 

Don’t say: “I know Jesus”, “I know Buddha” while we are annoyed, worry, jealous…

Be honest with ourselves.

And know Jesus and Buddha by our honest heart.

Have a calm day.

Phạm Thu Hương


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