Travel with God

Dear brothers and sisters,

Traveling with God, we will see many amazing things. Many things are in front of our eyes or in our tiny garden corner but we don’t see them. Only traveling with God, we see them.

We’ll see as the first time we’ve seen. A baby lemon tree and with her green leaves. Beautiful Java apples on the tree. Libidibia ferrea yellow flowers like soft silk ribbons…

We’ll discover wonderful places in our city. Places where there are no needs to spend money, and one can dress comfortably, feel safe, be quiet, have unlimited time, read a book, watch the trees, watch people, take a walk… Wonderful places.

We’ll find peaceful things in our city. Four or five doves are walking slowly on the crosswalk. Streets are full of yellow petals. The smell of smoke from burning leaves and yellow petals. Three men are drinking tea. A old woman is sitting and brushing her hair. A man is sweeping leaves on the street. Some women are standing and talking together. Five children are playing in a small park… Peaceful places.

All things are all forms of God. All things are all the features of God’s face. All things are God. Traveling with God, we will see a miracle. The miracle is that seeing God and living with God. The real miracle.

Travel with God.

Have a nice day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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