A time to heal

Dear brothers and sisters,

A time of staying at home because of Covid-19 is actually a time to heal. Healing our heart.

Healing a hurting heart because of people’s faults. Healing a sorrowful heart because of our own faults. Healing a wounded heart because of painful memories. Healing a sad heart because of beautiful memories. Healing an easily angered heart, a heart that keeps record of wrongs, a heart …

Our heart has waited for a long time to be healed. Because we’re often so busy, we rarely have time for healing. And this is a good time to heal our heart.

Our heart is holy. The heart is pure, gentle, and humble. The heart loves God and loves people. The heart loves the earth.

Live a holy life with the holy heart God gives us, and with our holy friend, our God. Live a holy life together.

So stay calm, heal the heart and live a holy life.

Have a holy day.

Phạm Thu Hương

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