Together, let’s turn where we live into the land of love


(The opening speech of the Winter Warm Love Music Night, by the Chairman of Tu Tam Association in Dak Lak) 

First of all, I would like to express the deep gratitude of the Dak Lak Tu Tam Association to all the sponsors and companions who have enthusiastically supported us to carry out many charitable activities, in many years. past year.

Writer Victor Hugo once said, “There is only one thing in this world that we must bow our heads to: talent; And there is only one thing that we have to respect on our knees: kindness! “.

At this Music Night, we have the opportunity to meet people who have both Kindness and Talent. That is positive energy, happiness.

We all know: Dak Lak Tu Tam Association was formed from the process of organizing dozens of charity action programs over the past 3 years, bringing many useful values ​​to the social community of the Dak Lak Tu Tam Friends Group.

Since the beginning of 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic began to appear in many provinces and cities, then gradually spread to Dak Lak, the public trusted and called on us to mobilize community resources for charity. I established the Tu Tam Friends Group in Dak Lak, continuously organizing programs to contribute to the government and people, to help provinces fight the Covid-19 epidemic. Typically, more than 10 programs gather resources to support the frontline, support remote areas, support the health, education, farmers, agriculture and rural sectors, help villages fight the epidemic, help people back home etc…

In particular, the program “For the people in flood areas” with a music night held on the evening of November 29, 2020, was attended by provincial leaders and many sponsors, making the first contribution, such as Mr. Bui Van Cuong – Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee (now General Secretary of the National Assembly, Chairman of the Office of the National Assembly), Mr. Y Bier Nie – Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council. From the Music Night to the end of gift giving in January 2021, the program has been supported by more than 780 million VND from many benefactors; have given people in flood areas many valuable raft beds for long-term use.

The program “Donating gifts to support the fight against Covid-19 in Dak Lak province” in just 5 days from July 21 to July 27, 2021 has raised a total value of money and gifts of more than 430 million VND;

The program “Dak Lak agricultural products exchange medical supplies to fight Covid-19”, in July and August 2021, sold nearly 2 billion dong of fruit to gardeners, and received more than 300 million dong to buy supplies. anti-epidemic medical equipment and many other essential items to donate to anti-epidemic forces and poor people in remote areas.

The program “Helping people return home in just 2 weeks” has promptly provided about 20,000 valuable meals for tens of thousands of hungry people who have traveled long distances from Ho Chi Minh City to their hometown to avoid the epidemic.

With these charity programs, Tu Tam Group has mobilized and given a total amount of money, gifts and medical supplies worth more than 7 billion VND. But more precious than material values, is the value of educating people to love people, patriotism, love people, spreading the sense of companionship with authorities at all levels to protect peace for society and the country.  

The fact that Dak Lak Tu Tam Association is recognized by the government as the legality helps the Association to organize many effective charity programs, and has more conditions to publicize and transparently all necessary information in a professional manner.

May 12, 2022 The 1st Congress. Since then, more than 6 months have passed, but Tu Tam Association in Dak Lak has quickly implemented many charity activities with good results.

Including coordinating with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to organize a Music Night Miracle from the Heart, contributing additional revenue to build a group of poor women who work in brocade weaving, but have no seat for safe weaving. Toan, in H’Ra Ea H’Ning village, Dray B’hang commune, Cu Kuin district, a long house on stilts worth 300 million VND. Recently, the Association returned to visit, glad to see that the sisters received many textile orders, their income was much better than before. Poor traders are also very proud to have this stilt house to welcome tourists, display and sell handicraft products.

The association has spent nearly 200 million VND to organize swimming and drowning prevention courses for more than 300 children. Giving mid-autumn gifts to children with disabilities, hundreds of poor children living in remote areas in Dormitory 115, and the Department of Education giving textbooks to schools that lack books.

The Association has implemented the TreeBank program – Tree Bank, donated more than 11,300 trees and fruit trees worth more than 400 million VND to farmers in poor districts and communes.

The Association has re-surveyed the most successful Rice Cooker with Meat in the Central Highlands, in the poor Po To commune, Ia Pa district, Gia Lai province, to prepare to coordinate with the Department of Education and Training to organize similar kitchens in the coming years.

The Association is reviewing the dossiers of the 16th Dot Chuoi Non-Study Scholarship, which will be awarded on the morning of January 9, 2023, which is the upcoming Vietnamese Student-Student Day. The total value of this scholarship is 320 million VND, excluding the organization work and the gifts attached to the scholarship.

With so many things, where does the Association mobilize its resources?

The association has just organized an online auction of 5 artworks donated by 4 artists and cultural researchers. The benefactors bought works and transferred to support the Association a total of 245 million VND from this auction.

Of course, the need for the Association’s funds to ensure stable operation is much more than that.

The Association’s website, an information page that can be read in 20 popular languages ​​around the world, with many articles, reports, and youtube links vividly describing the charity programs that the Association continuously deploys, has It is clear that all activities of the Association ensure the principles of voluntary, publicity, transparency, non-profit, non-political, spreading goodness, promoting good things for society to become more united and human. love, progress, civilization.

Even the way to choose the official public account of the Association, also shows that clearly. The account name is Hoi Tu Tam Dak Lak, very easy to remember. The account number is easier to remember, consisting of only 4 numbers, 4701. Everyone knows that 47 is the first 2 numbers in the license plate of Dak Lak province; 01 is the first charity in Dak Lak province to get account numbers from this public and transparent automated technology app.

Recently, the Association has successfully connected with – a fundraising platform established in Singapore since 2009, built and developed to connect benefactors and organizations around the world with the mission. join hands to help disadvantaged people and social activities. Give.Asia is currently operating in Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and October 2019 has officially launched in Vietnam to connect philanthropists and more than 30 hospitals and organizations from good throughout the country.

Attending the Music Night today, there were representatives of GIVE.Asia in Vietnam, Mr. Vu Xuan Thanh and his associates.

Tomorrow morning, Mr. Thanh will join the Association to survey the reality of remote villages, to launch the first campaign with Tu Tam Association in Dak Lak, to support milk for poor malnourished children in Dak Lak. several billion dong in the next year.

The association is striving to build a charity fund named Tu Tam Fund in Dak Lak in 2023. According to Decree 93, the provincial charity fund needs at least 1.3 billion dong as a deposit. Understanding the meaning and value of the establishment of this Fund, Trung Nguyen Legend Group sponsored the Association 500 million VND. It’s precious. With another 800 million VND, the Association hopes to have more benefactors to support enough sources to apply for a license to set up the Fund. With the official Fund, the Association will easily attract many charitable sources to Dak Lak province. This is necessary and has lasting value.

Please continue to join us in building the plateau where we are living into a warm land of humanity, with many charity programs, non-stop giving of the Dak Lak Tu Tam Association. The highest command, is from the heart.

Once again, I would like to thank you very much.

Chairman of Dak Lak Tu Tam Association

Vo Thi Thien Nga (Journalist Hoang Thien Nga)


Here are some pictures of volunteers, in thousands of unforgettable photos, during the time of building the foundation for Tu Tam Association in Dak Lak. Each photo brings back many beautiful memories, long stories, full of love and the spirit of dedication, service, giving… that Tu Tam Dak Lak Association is forever grateful and cherished.  

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