Relationship is a matter of risk taking

Written by Trần Đình Hoành

Translated into English by Nguyễn Hà Huyền Vân

Dear Everyone,

Our relationships – between us and our friends, lovers, wives/husbands, partners, comrades, brethren… or just anyone – are always a matter of risk taking. When we say “I love you and I trust you wholeheartedly”, that is a romantic feeling from the bottom of our heart, and also is a matter of risk taking.

Life is impermanent, and so are people. This is the truth, neither optimistic nor pessimistic. It is a truth of life just like the rain or the sun. As long as we are alive, we change in every ksana. And our  emotions or relationships also change – a couple may live together till old age or may divorce after 5 years due to a myriad of different reasons. We need not delve into the causes here,  but only need to know that where there is convergence, there is divergence. Where there is connection, there is separation. Hence, every time we decide to tie our affection to someone, we are accepting the risk that the relationship may someday be broken or severed.

Đọc tiếp Relationship is a matter of risk taking