Vietnam supplier doubling production of organic black tigers this year

March 13, 2015, 9:09 am

undercurrentnews – As organic aquaculture remains undefined in the US amidst a ballooning organic food market, Vietnam-based Camau Frozen Seafood Processing Import-Export Corporation (Camimex) plans to double its production of organic shrimp this year.

The 38-year-old company — the only organic shrimp supplier in Vietnam identified by organic aquaculture authority Institute for Merketology (IMO) — is increasing its number of shrimp farmers, investing in modern equipment and training workers in an effort to capitalize on anticipated demand in the US and Europe, Camimex spokesperson Duong Kim Cuc told Undercurrent News.

The company begins this goal with 10,000 tons of annual production, with 20% of that coming from organic aquaculture. It owns three modern factories employing 1,500 skilled and trained workers.

Based in Vietnam’s shrimp farming hub of Camau, it last year became certified by the Institute for Marketology (IMO)’s standards EU Regulations for organic aquaculture, (EC) No. 834/2007, which allows it to export the product under the organic heading to the European Union.

The IMO certification, numbered 29053, is dated Feb. 25, 2014 and is valid through March 31, 2016. It also received a certification, numbered 120254, that day for its hatchery, which lasts through the same date.

The certification of the company’s hatchery is the first such certification in the world, Cuc said.

Among the advantages the label indicates is the lack of antibiotics, fertilizer or chemical products used as well as a very low density on farms, and preservation of the surrounding mangrove tree habitat, Camimex said. The company says it is situated in one of the last mangrove forests in the world.

The certification shows shrimp are raised on organic feed in the post larvae and broodstock stages and that all lists of feed ingredients are free from genetically modified organisms (GMO) and have also been approved by the EU, Cuc said.

The plan to target the US market is a big shift for the company, which has sold little organic shrimp to the US in the past, Cuc said. We think the US is the potential market, and has high demand, so we try to access that market,” Cuc said.

So far, it is seeing the highest demand for organic shrimp from Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria and some US customers, Cuc said.

The company is also listed as a Naturland partner, which is known to also certify companies to the organic standard for aquaculture, and says it has “unceasingly expanded and developed to one of the leaders in processing and exporting,” since its inception, according to a company profile.

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