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Four arrested, one at large, as Vietnam probes massive losses at state-run firm

TuoiTre –  Updated : 06/20/2017 16:32 GMT + 7

Vietnamese police have initiated criminal proceedings against five people responsible for sending a well-invested state-run enterprise into steep losses, officers announced on Tuesday.

Four of the accused have been arrested on charges of “intentionally acting against state economic management regulations and causing serious consequences,” while one remains at large after fleeing the country in November 2016.

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Cyclists to challenge the Sơn Trà Mountain Race

VIETNAMNEWS – Update: June, 21/2017 – 17:00

A zigzag road of Sơn Trà Mountain offers scenic bike race for riders. — VNS Photo Công Thành

ĐÀ NẴNG — More than 100 amateur cyclists will partake in the Sơn Trà Mountain race on Sunday (June 25) promoting the protection of the red-shanked douc langur in the Sơn Trà Nature Reserve.

Chairman of the city’s bicycling association Đỗ Anh Tuấn told Việt Nam News that the race aims to encourage local residents and tourists to help protect nature and wildlife in Sơn Trà Nature Reserve.

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Red Dao wedding ceremony

Last update 14:56 | 17/04/2017 –  vietnamnet

The Red Dao ethnic community in the northern province of Lao Cai has a rich culture. Their wedding ceremony is among these cultural features.

A Dan Tri reporter recently attended the wedding ceremony of bride Tan U May and groom Tan A Hin in Pho Village, Ban Quam Commune. The event lasted for two days with most of the activities held at the groom’s family.

On the first day of the wedding, the bride’s family came to the groom’s house. The bride wore the Red Dao ethnic people’s traditional clothes

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Prayer 180

The prayer series


Do you think I should practice Tai Chi and become a Tai Chi master?

Yes, you know all my dreams.

When I was child, I often dreamed I was a wanderer,
traveling everywhere with wind and cloud,
enjoying the little things in life,
doing whatever I feel right
(protecting people with my martial arts,
healing people by miracles,
standing up for the rights of the weak…)
and gazing at the single bright moon all night.

Beautiful dreams.

And dreams are born to live.
Live our dreams.

Do you think I should practice Tai Chi and become a Tai Chi master?
If I do, would you like to do with me?
I know you are a Tai Chi master, would you like to teach me?

I love you, Jesus.



Vietnam’s environment protection chief dismissed over Formosa disaster

Tuoi Tre News – Updated : 06/21/2017 18:16 GMT + 7

Luong Duy Hanh is seen in this file photo.

A chief of environmental protection operations under Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has been dismissed for his management oversight that had led to the Formosa disaster last year.

Luong Duy Hanh, director of the Department of Control of Environmental Protection Activities, has been removed from his position, a source close to Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper said, quoting the decision of the Vietnam Environment Administration.

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Fresh submarine cable problem disrupts Internet connection in Vietnam

TUOI TRE NEWS – Updated : 06/21/2017 16:01 GMT + 7

Internet speed in Vietnam has come to a snail’s pace for some users as one of the major undersea cable systems is suffering connection disruption, a service provider confirmed on Wednesday.

Connection was disrupted in the section of the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) connecting the central city of Da Nang with the U.S., Japan and Hong Kong, at around 4:00 pm on Tuesday, a VNPT representative told Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper.

“The incident is slowing down connection for overseas hosted services during peak hours, especially for users in central localities,” the source said.

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APEC seeks to promote sustainable tourism development

Last update 09:35 | 20/06/2017 –  vietnamnet

Encouraging the participation of local people is part of the measures to promote sustainable tourism development. The issue was put on table at an APEC high level policy dialogue in northern Quang Ninh province on June 19.

According to United Nations World Tourism Organisation, tourism in many developing and least developed countries is the most viable and sustainable economic development option.

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A glance at Tay Ninh, the capital of Caodaism

Last update 10:23 | 20/06/2017 –  vietnamnet

 Founded in 1926 in Tay Ninh province, the Caodaism worships the Divine Eye, known as the eye of heaven and a symbol of its supreme being. It is now the third largest religion in Vietnam.

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The Tay Ninh Holy See, the centre of Caodaism in Vietnam, was completed in 1947, covering an area of more than one sq.km with twelve gates.

The Tay Ninh Holy See has unique architecture ​that combines various religious styles – Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim, Confucianism, Hindu and more.

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Have you ever seen so many elephants?

VIETNAMNEWS – Update: June, 18/2017 – 09:00

National heroes: Somewhere in the Central Highlands around 1963 as captured in a still frame by journalist Wilfred Burchett on a visit to the liberated zones of South Việt Nam. Photo courtesy of George Burchett

by George Burchett

In April 2015, I was invited by the Cercle des Francophones (Francophone Association) of Hà Nội to present the film Loin du Vietnam (Far from Việt Nam) at the Hà Nội Cinémathèque. The film was made collectively  in 1967 by some of the great names of new French cinéma: Joris Ivens, William Klein, Claude Lelouch, Agnès Varda, Jean-Luc Godard, Chris Marker and Alain Resnais, in support of Việt Nam’s resistance to US aggression.

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