Danh mục lưu trữ: Trang tiếng Anh

Vietnam defense white papers

VietNam National Defence (Vietnam White papers 2009) (09:51 | 09/28/2012)

Kết quả hình ảnh

(Bqp.vn) – The White Paper on Vietnam National Defence provides readers with an overview on the basic issues of the Vietnam’s national defence policy of which the building of all-people national defence, the building of the VPA and the Militia and Self-Defence Force are key matters. The issues addressed in the White Paper on Vietnam National Defence are aimed at contributing to the promotion of mutual understanding and confidence-building between Vietnam and other countries.

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Should Free Traders Support the Trans- Pacific Partnership? An Assessment of America’s Largest Preferential Trade Agreement

CATO Institute

By Daniel J. Ikenson, Simon Lester, Scott Lincicome, Daniel R. Pearson, & K. William Watson

September 12, 2016

After nearly six years of negotiations, a Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement was reached in October 2015. The deal was subsequently signed by the governments of the United States and 11 other parties in Wellington, New Zealand in February 2016. In terms of the value of trade and share of global output accounted for by the 12 member countries, the TPP is the largest U.S. trade agreement to date.

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Renewables 2016 Global Status Report

REN 21


An extraordinary year for renewable energy The year 2015 was an extraordinary one for renewable energy,  with the largest global capacity additions seen to date, although  challenges remain, particularly beyond the power sector. The year  saw several developments that all have a bearing on renewable  energy, including a dramatic decline in global fossil fuel prices;  a series of announcements regarding the lowest-ever prices for  renewable power long-term contracts; a significant increase in  attention to energy storage; and a historic climate agreement in  Paris that brought together the global community.

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In Vietnam, Obama Charts the Way for a 21st-Century Partnership

by  • May 22, 2016 • CSIS

Secretary of State John Kerry poses for a selfie with Vietnamese students in Hanoi, Vietnam in August 2015. Source: State Department’s flickr photostream, U.S. Government Work.

If Bill Clinton traveled to Vietnam to “heal the wounds of war” in 2000 and George W. Bush to announce the country was open for business when he rang the bell of the Ho Chi Minh City stock exchange in 2006, President Barack Obama will usher in a new chapter in U.S.-Vietnam relations when he visits the capital Hanoi and economic hub Ho Chi Minh City on May 23-25.

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Bayer Makes $62 Billion Bid for Monsanto

Combination would create one of the world’s largest agrochemical businesses

By Christopher Alessi

Bayer said the $122-a-share offer represents ‘value at a substantial premium’ for Monsanto shareholdersUpdated May 23, 2016 8:59 a.m. ET

wsj – FRANKFURT—German pharmaceutical and chemicals giant Bayer AG on Monday said it made an all-cash offer to acquire Monsanto Co. for $62 billion, valuing the U.S. company at a substantial premium in a deal that would create the world’s largest agrochemicals company.

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China blockades streets around military building as hundreds protest in capital

 Reuters Tue Oct 11, 2016 | 6:15am EDT

Uniformed people take part in a protest outside the Bayi Building, a major Chinese military building in Beijing, China, October 11, 2016. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Police in the Chinese capital on Tuesday blocked off streets near a major military building, as hundreds of people wearing green camouflage uniforms chanted and waved national flags to protest against the loss of their posts.

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Foreign Relations of the United States, 1963, Vietnam – Hồ sơ mật VN 1963



The publication Foreign Relations of the United States constitutes the official record of the foreign policy of the United States. The volumes in the series include, subject to necessary security considerations, all documents needed to give a comprehensive record of the major foreign policy decisions of the United States together with appropriate materials concerning the facts that contributed to the formulation of policies. Documents in the files of the Department of State are supplemented by papers from other government agencies involved in the formulation of foreign policy. This volume also includes documents from the private collections of various government officials connected with U.S. policy toward Vietnam.

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Born to be free

Authors/editor(s): Emma Fulu

APUW – A Regional Study of Interventions to Enhance Women and Girls’ Safety and Mobility in Public Spaces, Asia and the Pacific Region

In public and private spaces, women and girls experience and fear various types of violence, ranging from harassment, to rape and femicide. Momentum is growing around the issue of women and girls’ safety in urban, public spaces.

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First Agent Orange, now Roundup: what’s Monsanto up to in Vietnam? Ecologist Special Investigation

The Ecologist, Mick Grant – 10th October 2016

A keyboard player, blind from birth due to a genetic defect induced by Agent Orange, performing at the War Remnants Museum. Photo: Mick Grant.

A keyboard player, blind from birth due to a genetic defect induced by Agent Orange, performing at the War Remnants Museum. Photo: Mick Grant.

With the International Monsanto Tribunal beginning this week (14-16 October) in The Hague, MICK GRANT reports from Vietnam with this special investigation for The Ecologist five decades after the company’s lethal herbicide Agent Orange first devastated the country – and discovers the agribusiness giant is sneaking its way back into Vietnam with modern herbicides and ‘Roundup-Ready’ GMO crops.

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Improving Relief and Development Responses to Climate Variability: Lessons from the 2015 – 2016 El Niño in Southern Africa

Improving Relief and Development Responses to
Climate Variability: Lessons from the 2015 – 2016 El Niño in Southern Africa

El Niño weather system was one of the strongest on record, causing drought and flooding in locations across the world. Parts of sub-Saharan Africa were particularly hard hit. In Southern Africa, low or erratic rainfall caused serious drought and associated food insecurity in 10 countries, severely testing the coping strategies of households, communities, and governments and prompting an emergency response by donors.

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Infographic: Violence against women

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Sixteen Days of Activism against Gender Violence

Date : 06 November 2015

UNWomen – One in three women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence — mostly by an intimate partner. Whether at home, on the streets or during war, violence against women is a global pandemic that takes place in public and private spaces. Together we can and must end this pandemic. Print options:11×17 | 21×32.5

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Mid-Year Vietnam Business Forum calls for increased Transparency and Access to Information in the business sector


June 22, 2015 – Towards Transparency

June 9, 2015. Towards Transparency (TT) notes a number of comments made by delegates at the mid-year Vietnam Business Forum in Hanoi, with the theme Enhancing Enterprise Competitiveness for Global Integration

In particular, we are pleased to see broad agreement by both the business community and government leaders on the need to continue pursuing strategies to reduce and eliminate corruption in Vietnam.  TT supports government efforts to reduce corruption and looks forward to even greater cooperation and collaboration between government agencies and the private sector.

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Here Come the Unregulated GMOs

technologyreview – People are arguing about whether genetically modified foods should carry labels. But the next generation of GMOs might not only be unlabeled—they might be unregulated.

Over at Scientific American you can read a 6,000-word story about how one such organism, a GM mushroom, was created. The short version is that a plant scientist named Yinong Yang used the gene-editing technique called CRISPR to snip out a few DNA letters in the genome of “Agaricus bisporus, the most popular dinner-table mushroom in the Western world.”

The result: he turned off an enzyme that turns mushrooms brown.

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Environmental and Social Impacts of Chinese Investment Overseas

In Asia – June 1, 2016 – By Huang Zhen

On June 5, China marks its second national “Environment Day,” first established as part of the revised Environmental Protection Law in 2014. Along with the increased focus on environmental issues at home, more and more attention is being paid to the social and environmental impacts of China’s investments abroad.

Marine sand is pumped by a ship at the commencement of

Marine sand is pumped by a ship at the commencement of “Colombo Port City” backed by China in Sri Lanka. Increasing attention is being paid to the social and environmental impacts of China’s investments abroad.

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The United States dominates global investment banking: does it matter for Europe?

Europe’s banks are in retreat from playing a global investment banking role, and this trend is likely to continue in the future. What will be the consequences and what should be the policy response?

By: and Date: March 7, 2016



For the full references and the annex, please see the PDF version of this publication.

  • In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the market share of US investment banks is increasing, while that of their European counterparts is declining. We present evidence that US investment banks are on the verge of taking over pole position in European investment banking. Meanwhile, since 2015, Chinese investment banks have overtaken American and European investment banks in the Asia-Pacific market.

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