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HCM City keen to develop dental tourism

Vietnam News Update: May, 22/2017 – 09:00

A doctor at HCM City’s Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology treats a patient. Photo Sơn Hà

By Sơn Hà

HCM CITY— With a pool of highly-skilled practitioners, state-of-the-art facilities and affordable costs, HCM City is rapidly emerging as a dental care tourism destination.

A full range of dental services is available, including cleaning, teeth whitening, dental implants, bone reconstruction orthodontics, ceramic veneers, crowns and bridges.

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Doan Ngoc Hai barred from leading campaign; disorder returns to Saigon sidewalks

TUOI TRE NEWS Updated : 05/21/2017 14:48 GMT + 7

Motorbikes and plastic chairs occupy the sidewalk of Ly Tu Trong Street in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, May 20, 2017.

Sidewalks in Ho Chi Minh City are once again in disorder as the initiator of the sidewalk clearance movement says he is not allowed to continue leading the campaign.

Locals complain vendors and business owners have re-occupied the sidewalks after seeing inaction from city authorities over the past few weeks.

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Company fined for illegal sand mining on Đăk Bla River

VIETNAMNEWS Update: May, 22/2017 – 10:55

Xuan Tai Company in the Highland province of Kon Tum was fined VND40 million ($1,769) for illegal sand exploitation. — Photo thiennhien.net

KON TUM — Xuan Tai Company in the Highland province of Kon Tum was fined VND40 million ($1,769) for illegal sand exploitation, said Chief Inspector of the Department of Environment and Natural Resource Tran Cong Hau yesterday.

According to the department, the company was fined VND8 million for encroaching the Dak Bla River and VND32 million for illegally mining 3,507m3 of sand over an eight-month period.

Prayer 153

The prayer series


Like you, I have a wish too.
And with the wish to free all beings,
may I always take refuge in you.

as long as space endures,
as long as sentient being remain,
until then, may I too remain
and dispel the miseries of the world,*
with you.

I love you, Jesus.



* Generating the Mind for Enlightenment by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Vietnam teacher leaks test questions to neighbor as ‘return of favor’

TUOI TRE NEWS – Updated : 05/20/2017 15:00 GMT + 7

A teacher in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta believed that leaking questions of a final examination to the son of a neighbor who has greatly supported him in life is the best way to pay his gratitude forward.

On May 9, eleventh graders at schools across Dong Thap Province were ready to sit for their math and history final tests when they were informed that the exams were canceled in the last minutes as the questions had been leaked online the night before.

Police had launched a probe into the leak, and announced on Friday that Bui Ngoc An, one of the teachers with access to the test papers before the exams, was behind the leak.

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Saigon submerged following torrential rain for 2nd time this week

Tuoi Tre News Updated : 05/21/2017 10:27 GMT + 7

A prolonged deluge early in the rainy season swept through Ho Chi Minh City, resulting in severe flooding in many locations on Saturday, the second time this week.

The two-hour-long downpour caused congestion and inundation in various areas in the southern Vietnamese hub.

A young woman and her brother are pictured struggling to push their bike through the raging currents. Photo: Tuoi Tre

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One man, 441 people, and a community for healthier hearts

MAY 16, 2017 |

PATH _ Bringing blood pressure monitoring services to the community is transforming access to chronic disease management in Vietnam.

An animated man leans forward on a chair.
“Most people [still don’t know] the risks and complications related to hypertension,” says Mr. Phu. “Some people might feel dizzy and have a headache. They come to me for a blood pressure check and are surprised when [they learn] they have high blood pressure levels. I then tell them to go to a health clinic to confirm the diagnosis.” Photo: PATH.

Meet Mr. Ta Van Phu, a retired health worker and former leader in the military. With pen and pencil in his left pocket, glasses squarely centered on his face, and a shoulder bag containing his blood pressure monitor and educational materials about heart disease, Mr. Phu is a welcome sight as he walks from house to house in his neighborhood.

Roughly one year ago, the Communities for Healthy Hearts project (CH2), developed by PATH, the Ho Chi Minh City Provincial Health Department, and the Novartis Foundation, was looking for individuals who could volunteer to help combat hypertension in their communities. That’s when Mr. Phu offered his expertise. Actually, he was nominated by his neighbors since he was already offering medical support and advice whenever they needed him.

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Chuỗi Prayers – Chuỗi bài Cầu nguyện

Chào các bạn,

Dưới đây là tập hợp các bài prayers – là những lời cầu nguyện giữa mình với Jesus – được sắp xếp theo chủ đề (có tính tương đối).

Có hai điều mình muốn chia sẻ thêm về chuỗi bài này.

Thứ nhất là về tư tưởng trong cầu nguyện. Đọc tiếp Chuỗi Prayers – Chuỗi bài Cầu nguyện

Locals loot truck after crash that kills two in northern Vietnam

TUOI TRE NEWS – Updated : 05/20/2017 11:49 GMT + 7

Dozens of people loot the product scattered from the crashed truck in this photo shared on Facebook.

The only survivor in a recent truck accident that claimed two lives in the northern province of Hoa Binh was left speechless seeing locals rush out to loot products on the vehicle, instead of helping them.

A truck was transporting rice bran on the National Highway 6 in Quy Hau Commune in Tan Lac District at around 1:45 am on Thursday when the driver lost control and crashed into a mountain.

Only one of the three people in the cabin survived the crash, albeit with multiple injuries.

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Japanese NGO assists Vietnamese farmers in producing safe greens

Tuoi Tre News – Updated : 05/15/2017 09:31 GMT + 7

Environmentally conscious farmers in the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre are eagerly adopting a Japanese-sponsored model of producing safe greens to ensure a sustainable livelihood for locals.

Over the past six months, specialists from the Japanese non-profit Seed to Table have been wholeheartedly helping farmers in An Hoa Tay Commune in Binh Dai District make the switch to organic farming and animal husbandry.

The NGO, with sponsorship from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is dedicated to the promotion of eco-friendly agricultural practices as a means of supporting community development in Vietnam, according to its website.

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Tua Chua Karst Plateau scenic drive

 vietnamnet – Last update 18:19 | 19/05/2017

An amateur photographer recently took a drive through the Tua Chua Karst Plateau and shared these beautiful images of the scenic plateau sandwiched between the high mountains of north-western Vietnam.

tua chua karst plateau scenic drive hinh 1
A view of the Tua Chua Karst Plateau seen from high above.

tua chua karst plateau scenic drive hinh 2
All the residents of the Tua Chua Karst Plateau are Mong ethnic minority people.

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China installs rocket launchers on disputed South China Sea island: Report


Still image from a United States Navy video purportedly shows Chinese dredging vessels in the waters around Fiery Cross Reef in the disputed Spratly Islands


17 May 2017 01:15PM (Updated: 17 May 2017 05:56PM)

China has said military construction on the islands it controls in the South China Sea will be limited to necessary defensive requirements, and that it can do what it likes on its own territory.

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