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Everyday conversation: Let’s Learn English Level 2 Lesson 28: For the Birds

Everyday Grammar: Will vs. Be Going to

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  1. I’m so grateful to You for helping me wake up early today.
    We went for a swim and had a beautiful morning with the comfortable atmosphere.
    Thanks to the precious gifts You have brought for me.
    Love You, Lord.

    1. News
    • Afghan officials say more than 60 people were killed when shells fired by militants caused a mosque to collapse.

    Chính quyền Afghanistan cho biết hơn 60 người đã thiệt mạng khi một nhà thờ Hồi giáo bị đánh sập do đạn pháo của các chiến binh.
    • Reports from Syria say five civilians were killed in airstrikes Friday. Earlier, the United States announced of a five-day ceasefire in Turkey’s offensive against Kurdish groups.
    Thông tin từ Syria cho biết ít nhất 5 người dân đã thiệt mạng trong cuộc không kích hôm thứ Sáu. Trước đó, Hoa Kỳ đã tuyên bố ngừng bắn năm ngày trong cuộc tấn công Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ chống lại các nhóm người Kurd.

    • Protests across Lebanon continue for a second day. People first marched in Beirut to show their opposition to the government Thursday night.
    Các cuộc biểu tình trên khắp Lebanon tiếp tục ngày thứ hai. Ban đầu, người dân diễu hành tại Beirut để thể hiện sự phản đối của họ đối với chính phủ vào tối thứ Năm.

    • And gunmen reportedly forced Mexican officials to release from detention Ovidio Guzman, son of jailed drug trafficker Joaquin “EL Chapo” Guzman.

    Và các tay súng được cho là đã buộc các quan chức Mexico phải trả tự do cho con trai Ovidio Guzman của kẻ buôn lậu ma túy đang bị giam Joaquin EL Chapo Guzman.

    New words:
    • Mosque /mɑːsk/(n) nhà thờ Hồi Giáo
    • ceasefire /ˈsiːs.faɪr/ (n) ngừng bắn, ngừng chiến, đình chiến
    an interim ceasefire: ngừng bắn tạm thời

    2. Daily conversation
    A: Oh, Anna, there you are! I’m so glad we joined The Great City Bird Count! Aren’t you?
    B: No. Today has been a bust ..a flop … a bummer!
    A: I’m sensing a little disappointment.
    B: A little?
    A: My official bird-watching form is almost full!
    B: I’ve only seen pigeons… lots and lots of pigeons!
    But I did write down some other valuable information
    A: Did you find a bird’s nest?
    B: No. I found 10 ice cream trucks in this five-block area. Their music seems to follow me everywhere.
    A: We’re supposed to be counting birds, not ice cream trucks. This is important scientific work!
    B: Well, when you want ice cream, my data will be pretty important.
    A: Anna, birds are everywhere. I’m sure you’ll find something. Use your imagination!
    But make sure that you put it on the official form.
    B: No birds. Oh wait, there’s another ice cream truck! Anna, focus on birds. Aw, but that truck has favorite flavor… banana. That man is in the way. I can’t see the price. I wonder what flavor he’s getting. Strawberry? He doesn’t seem like a strawberry kind of guy. In the fact, he doesn’t seem like an ice cream truck kind of guy. That suit looks expensive. Maybe he’s a spy. You know what that means: The ice cream truck driver is a spy, too!
    Genius! It’s a perfect disguise. What! The man in the suit left his briefcase at the ice cream truck! I was right. He is a spy. And he just dropped off top- secret information! I ought to do something. Something needs to be done. I need to do something.
    I did it! I took the spy’s briefcase. What that? The ice cream truck – it’s following me.
    It wants the case back! I have to hide.
    This is my life now, running, scared, alone.
    That awful music – it’s following me everywhere.
    C: Hey, You found my briefcase.
    B: You caught me! I mean, i caught you.
    C: Well, I just want my briefcase. All my poems are in there.
    B: Poems? You’re a poet?
    C: Well, I’m a lawyer but I write poems, too.
    B: So, you’re not a spy!
    C: You look disappointed.
    B: No, that’s okay. It’s not your fault. Poems are nice, too. I guess.
    C: Well, would you like me to read the latest one?
    B: Why not?
    C: On Sunny day walks, my hand reaches for ice cream from fragaria.
    B: I love your poem.
    C: I love ice cream.
    B:Me too.
    C: What’s your favorite flavor?
    B: Banana.
    C: Oh, my favorite flavor
    B: Strawberry!
    C: How’d you know that?
    B: A little bird told me.

    3. Grammar ( Will/ be going to)
    • Will: a desire or agreement to do something… or a sudden decision.
    I will go to cook a noodle for you.
    I will meet you in the next time.
    • Be going to: Already a plan to do something.
    I am going to wake up at 5 am.

    Make a prediction about the future, you can use will or be going to.
    Ex: My mother will/ is going to come back this city in December.

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