To my sweetheart on our first Valentines’ Day

Dear M. sweetheart,

I could not be more grateful for you to appear in my life. Your words are beautiful and touching my heart. It seems like I was living in the moments with you again and again. I see your smiles and deep eyes, our loving hugs and first kisses. I see the moments when you laugh and you cry. Your tears to me is like a string of pearls, as precious and genuine as ever. No ordinary man could be so brave to let a woman see him crying in her arms. It must be a man in love and deep sincerity and I am just lucky to be a witnesses.

You are an angel in my eyes. As I am quite “good” at freezing the moments, I have those I will never forget in my life. If I start writing my novel, maybe I could begin like this:

“On a rainy day, he holds my hands and kissed them gracefully. He looked at my eyes and dwelt me in his blue and deep ocean and said, probably, the most beautiful words of the world: I love you. The rain was falling on the roofs outside, playing sounds like its melody of love. Every moment stood still when we were together.”

Then there was a day in the nature with him. How many times he embraced me tightly and started singing for me the melody of his heart. I could feel his breathing deep down and the music seemed from the earth growing through him. All the space were joining us by its sounds, some birds chirping, some waves lapping the shore. In his arms, again, I looked at the night sky which was painted by tree branches. If I could paint something at the moment, this should be him embracing me, the whole night sky with the moon and stars, the immense lake with the wind blowing cold but he warmed me up more than ever.

Is there something more beautiful than love in this world, dear M.? If I have to die for this, I’d better to get the experience. Why not? Romeo and Juliet live the moment of their short life and live forever in people’s heart. Those living with a calculus mind would never understand. I start to know some moments of life become monumental, when I truly live from the bottom of my heart. With you, I let something happen without you and me, love drives us into each other and I want to surrender.

I know our experience is beyond words, M. sweetheart. It also brings tears to my eyes at the moment. It is a miracle, as you said, we are from different corner of the world, speaking different languages but feel strong connections with each other. How much tolerance and understanding, how many barriers we have been gone through to be together. Our love is a flower in the darkness, in a world lacking of love, compassion and understanding. It is true blessing from God, the Buddha, the nature or the cosmos…

Let me send you my flower card I just make for you. I love you, my beautiful tree.
In love, for every moment

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